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Helping you get the Best Terms for the Sale of your Business

You have worked long and hard. You have built a business of which you are proud. Now what? Maybe, you have dreams of retiring and using the value of your business to fund that dream. Maybe, you need to slow down for health or family reasons. Whatever the reason, your business has been a major part of your life and transitioning out of it is an important undertaking. You need the help of someone who understands the importance and who can help you get the best terms for the sale of your business.

We help business owners get the best terms they can by collaborating with the owner and their financial advisors to prepare the business for sale, then market it aggressively through the use of listing sites we have access to, trade organization sites, mailings and emails to prospective purchasers and the use of our own website. The goal is to generate interest from multiple parties so we can generate multiple offers. Multiple offers result in the best terms and yield a higher price for your business.

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